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Clean Water Act Part IV Section 59 Enquiry Referral Form 

Quinte Conservation provides risk management services for municipalities with significant drinking water threats and/or drinking water systems within the Quinte Region.

Are you proposing new activities or a change of activities (under the Planning Act or Building Code) within a vulnerable area surrounding a municipal drinking water system? This includes construction or the change of use of a property or business. If so, you may require a risk management plan.  We can assist with that process.

To see if your proposal is in the affected vulnerable areas, check refer to our vulnerable area maps.

If your proposal is within a vulnerable area, the proposal requires a review by a risk management official to ensure the proposal complies with risk management and prohibition policies in the Quinte Region Source Protection Plan. Please use the form below.  The risk management official will respond promptly to your enquiry, usually within two business days.

Please Note: Personal information collected on this form will be kept on file and used by Quinte Conservation to process this enquiry. This information may also be shared with: the municipality in which the subject property is located and; the Province of Ontario, for the purpose of protecting drinking water sources as per the Clean Water Act, 2006 of Ontario. Personal Information collected on this form is protected under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

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